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"The Montagues" are back with Their Latest Release "Your Mistake”.


North Wales September 2023 – Renowned rock band "The Montagues" are back with a bang, unleashing their electrifying new single, "Your Mistake." This powerful track explores the complexities of love and relationships, delving into the raw emotions of a couple trapped in a tumultuous affair. With a history of delivering high-energy guitar-based anthems, "The Montagues" once again prove their prowess in the world of rock music.


"Your Mistake" is a gripping narrative of a couple entangled in a love that's lost its way. The narrator, grappling with the realisation of not being truly loved by their partner, finds themselves in a perplexing situation where neither can bring themselves to end the relationship. The song's compelling lyrics and intense guitar riffs resonate with anyone who has ever been caught in the throes of an unhealthy love affair.


Lead vocalist Kyle Parry delivers a heart-wrenching performance, pouring soul and passion into every word. His vocals are beautifully complemented by the band's tight instrumentation, showcasing their signature rock sound that fans have come to love. "Your Mistake" adds another jewel to the crown of "The Montagues," affirming their reputation as a formidable force in the guitar-based rock scene.


With a history of delivering unforgettable live performances and a strong back catalogue of hits, "The Montagues" continue to captivate audiences with their energy and authenticity. "Your Mistake" is a testament to their growth as artists, tackling complex themes with skill and finesse while maintaining their rock 'n' roll spirit.


Fans of "The Montagues" and rock enthusiasts alike can look forward to the release of "Your Mistake" on 22nd September, available on all major streaming platforms. The band has also teased an accompanying music video that promises to bring the song's narrative to life in a visually stunning and emotionally charged manner.


The Montagues are looking forward to their biggest hometown show at the Rhyl Town Hall on September 30th



Streaming/Impact date : 22nd Sept 2023

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